Visual Form Builder for WordPress

Visually create & style stunning and very powerful multi-column fully responsive forms for your wordpress website.

Powerful Entries

Elementor Forms Entries system is very powerful and easy to use, it comes with live instant search as you start typing in and you can sort, filter, customize and export all entries in to neat multiple formats.

Multi Page Form

It’s super easy to create multi-page forms with Elementor Forms, you are completely free to use any section as a page and use native elementor button widget for next & previous buttons and you can place buttons, progress bars and any item freely with in a section anywhere, it gives you complete control to build the form you desire.¬†

Drag & Drop File Uploader

Our new drag and drop will upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.

Image Picker for Select Field

Are you tired of the old dropdown and looking for something interactive? now you can select it’s type as image picker and for each option you can attach the image to it and it will give your users a very smooth experience and it works with conditional logic and calculations.

Repeater Control

Now you can add any number of fields in a section and convert in to a repeater section, to collect similar data for group of people.

And includes but not limited to these very powerful features

Conditional Logic

Show & Hide the fields based on the user's selected option or values lower than, greater than or equal to and not equal to operators.


You can build really complex order forms using our super powerful calculation engine supporting most of the excel formulas.

Range Slider

Easy to use, flexible and responsive range slider with skin support. Works with Conditional Logic, Calculations & Dynamic Population.

Post Submission

You can easily build custom post submission forms for any post type including custom fields, file uploads, featured images and much more.


You can easily build custom order forms and map them to woocommerce product to take advantage of woocommerce.


We love stripe so we built the integration for elementor forms too, you can use stripe to collect products payments & subscriptions.


You can use webhook option to post complete form data to 3rd party services e.g Zapier includine file uploads and signatures.

E-mail Notifications

Send Fully customized multiple e-mail notifications to admins & users filling the form.

E-mail Routing

Router e-mails to different e-mails e.g if the user selects Sales option from the dropdown field the e-mail will be sent to

Address Autocomplete

Fully Customization Google Address Autocomplete option to collect users address by giving them google autocomplete suggestion.

Signature Field

Collect digital signatures with Elementor Forms and send it to e-mail, save it to entries or post them to 3rd party services using webhooks.


We have integrated Google reCaptcha in to Elementor Forms to prevent spam form submission.